Летняя мартышкомания: из года в год. 


Well oh they might wear classic Reeboks

Or knackered Converse

Or tracky bottoms tucked in socks

But all of that's what the point is not

The points thats there ain't no romance around there

We'll tell 'em if you like

We'll tell 'em all tonight

They'll never listen

Beause their minds are made up

And course it's all okay to carry on that way

And over there there's broken bones

There's only music, so that there's new ringtones

And it don't take no Sherlock Holmes

To see it's a little different around here

Don't get me wrong though, there's boys in bands

And kids who like to scrap with pool cues in their hands

And just cause he's had a coupla cans

He thinks it's alright to act like a dickhead

Well over there there's friends of mine

What can I say, I've known 'em for a long long time

And they might overstep the line

But i you just cannot get angry in the same way

No not in the same way

So not in the same way.

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